1355 * The land and the domain of Moussoulens changed hands several times between 1296 and 1935 : 1º The Voisins family from 1296 to 1592 2º The Saint-Jean family from 1592 to 1705 3º A branch of the Ducup family up to 1782 4º A branch of the De Fournas de Fabrezan up to 1935 1935 The interior of the Château was redesigned to create 8 rural gîtes. These contribute to the Château upkeep and help to perpetuate its role as a place of welcome. The owners occupy the left wing. They are vigilant in their aim to preserve and restore the Château's authenticity. The Château of Moussoulens, after having been destroyed and pillaged in 1355, was rebuilt and has never since been unoccupied. To the South there is an undisturbed view of the low plaines and the Pyrenees. To the West, looking out over a cliff 40m. high, one can see over to Lauragais. The Château is a guardian to the North, protecting Cabardès and the "Black" Mountain areas. Part of the Château ramparts on the East and North sides can still be seen today. A barbican facing North is also visible. In the archives, a bill for the provision of stones dated 1790 was found. These stones were used for the construction of the entrance to the central part of the Château and for the oven in the main wing on the ground floor, where the kitchen used to be. A poem, written in 1790, mentions 2 towers at the Château of Moussoulens. The East tower has been lowered to roof level and the West tower has been incorporated into consequent extensions. The carriage entrance was built in 1890. Since 1971, the development of the castle in its internal organization was redistributed to allow the creation of cottages, which contribute to maintenance funding, and sustain the vocation of the host building.
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1175 Roger, Viscount of Carcassonne, allowed the inhabitants of Moussoulens to move their village to higher ground and build a fortress there.
1355 At the beginning of November, Edward of Woodstock, Prince of Wales, known as the Black Prince, after having captured the town of Castelnaudary, pillaged and destroyed the Chateau. It was then rebuilt and has been occupied ever since: 1º Owned by the Voisins family from 1296 until 1592 2º Owned by the Saint-Jean de Voisins family from 1592 until 1705 3º Owned by a branch of the Ducup family until 1782 4º Owned by the Fournas de Fabrezan family until 1935 4º In 1935 The Chateau was acquired by Mr H Claustre (father and grandfather of the present owners).
1935 The Chateau was acquired by Mr H Claustre (father and grandfather of the present owner).
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