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There are many ways of spending your time pleasurably in this region. You can discover all the charms of the Cathar country, its history, its vineyards and its gastronomical delights. Find out about the people who live here, their traditions and professions, their wines and the truffle harvest.

Why not visit the City of Carcassonne, a world heritage site, with its exceptional medieval Cité and the bustling town below? Step back in time whilst visiting the Cathar castles and explore the rivers, mountains and beaches that are all part of this inviting region.

As a starting point for a trip, you could choose a theme, such as water, stone, vegetation or culture and see where your discoveries lead you:

Water may take you along the Canal du Midi and on to lakes and dams.

Stone could guide you through abbeys, Cathar fortresses, dry stone shepherds shelters and on to the Caunes marble.

Vegetation may direct you to the Arboretum of Lampy, into forests and vineyards, olive groves and truffle oak woods.

Culture might show you the route to the wind and paper mills, the Montolieu Book Village, local craftsmen and artists, museums, festivals and the Limoux carnival.

Savour the delights of our local produce with its mouth-watering specialities: soft and sparkling wines, of course, Castelnaudary Cassoulet, deer páté, honey, 'Cabardises', preserves, icecream, Carthagéne du Languedoc.. many of these are available at our busy, friendly open-air markets.

In the autumn, you will see grape picking in the vineyards. Collecting wild mushrooms and the harvesting of truffles are popular pastimes, too.

Let your imagination run as you consider the possibilities: walks and mountain bike paths, medieval cities, the Canal du Midi and Mediterranean beaches, following the footsteps of the Cathars or the local artists and craftsmen, discovering the wines of Limoux, Corbières, Minervois, Cabardès and Malepère, enjoying gastronomic delights in the relaxing atmosphere at the Chateau!

For those looking for sports activities, you have many opportunities: walking routes, mountain bike circuits, horse trekking, go-karting, tennis, swimming, the flying club at the local airport, river water sports, an Accrobranche park, motocross, fishing, hunting, climbing, golf... so much to enjoy!

Our local markets are a feast of local produce and culture. In summer, there are also evening markets(Limoux, Trèbes and Narbonne beach)

•Place Carnot in Carcassonne (the main square) Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday mornings •Trèbes market every Sunday morning •Mirepoix market every Monday morning •Castelnaudary market every Monday morning •Bram market every Wednesday morning •Saissac market every Thursday morning •Revel market every Saturday morning

Tourism Sports Markets
Our Region
Our Region

In the surrounding countryside there are tennis courts (free access for the residents), swimming pools and a network of signposted paths. You can discover all the charms of the Cathar country with its vineyards and gastronomical delights as well as the exceptional tourist sites in Aude such as the Canal du Midi, Carcassonne and its medieval city, the Cathar castles, the Cistercian Abbeys, Montolieu Book Village, Brousses paper mill, a deer farm, etc. You can also taste our favourite local produce: wines, honey, "Cabardises", deer pâté, preserves in our wine cellar upon your arrival.

The Cabardès region The name comes from the Lords of Cabaret who named the area after the "Châtellerie du Cabardès". The Mediterranean climate, the "garrigue", the castles (Lastours, Saissac), the forests and lakes (Saint-Ferrèol, Lampy, Laprade) are waiting to be discovered on foot or by bicycle. Holm oaks, olive trees, fig trees and cypress trees take you to where the Cabardès joins the Montagne Noire. On your route you will come across the "capitelles" (small shepherd's shelters) built in dry stone, caves (The Cabrespine Grotto) and vineyards producing wines for A.O.C. Cabardès, Appellation d'Origine Vent d'Est, Vent d'Ouest.

This region was a sanctuary for the Cathars who were searching for purity. They have left us many remains, in particular their fortresses.

A.O.C. Cabardès Cabardès is the only label to blend a minimum of 40% of Atlantic grapes - Merlot, Cabernet-Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc - a minimum of 40% of Mediterranean grapes - Syrah, Grenache - and a maximum of 20% of Cot and Fer Servadou grapes. This particularity makes an original, balanced, harmonious wine with a rich colour.

Truffle country The truffle-producing oak trees of Moussoulens were left untouched at one time, but they are now again being harvested and producing high quality truffles.

The "Association des Trufficulteurs Audois" and the Chamber of Agriculture of Aude control the quality of the truffles sold at the truffle market in the village.

Local events: Last weekend in January (St Vincent): Ampélofolies in Cabardès: truffle and Cabardès wine fair held at Moussoulens. Mid-March: "Printemps du Cabardès" at the "Prieuré d'Aragon". Mid-April: Cabardès Literature Prize Giving Ceremony. "Printemps du Livre" (book fair) and judging of the "Montolieu Book Village vintage". Last weekend of July: Cabardès Festival, Les Juliettes du Cabardès: Latin music and dance A.O.C. Cabardès wine competition, shows and readings. End of September: "Cabardièses", International Piano Festival. Last Saturday in October: Musical Grape Picking, a concert with choir in Aragon Church, followed by a wine tasting session of A.O.C. Cabardès wines at the Prieuré. First weekend in November: Chestnut, New Wine and Cathar Country Lamb Festival at Villardonnel. From Easter to September: programme of cultural events organised and presented by Jean-Claude Pirotte and the Association "Lire en Cabardès".

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