Roger viscount of Carcassonne allows the inhabitants of Moussoulens to transfer their village to an elevation and build a fortress there.


The castle of Moussoulens after being destroyed and looted in 1355 (1355 Edward de Woodstock Prince of Wales, known as The Black Prince, after having taken Castelnaudary will loot and burn, at the beginning of November, the castle of Moussoulens) was rebuilt, and since occupied without interruption

By the house of Voisin, from 1296 until 1592;
2 ° By the house of Saint-Jean, from 1592 until 1705;
3 ° By a branch of the Ducup house until 1782;
4 ° By a branch of the Fournas de Fabrezan house until 1935


The castle is acquired by Mr. H. Claustre (grandfather of the current owner).

blason fournas


Since 1971, the layout of the castle in its internal organization has been redistributed to allow the creation of rural lodges, which contribute to the financing of maintenance, and to perpetuate the vocation of welcoming the building. The owners occupy the left wing.